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Estimates, Service, and Reliability

We do our best to provide a fair and quality estimate.  Any overages are covered by the SKREIT, LLC, unless a change order is approved.  From carpentry to troubleshooting today's smart-homes, we offer a wide range of skills.  Realistic schedules can be matched to your or your home's availability.

Our Management Team

As experienced engineers working in the automotive, optics, medical, and data center industries, we have acquired a tremendous cross-section of skills that have been applied to several new and old homes acquired over the years.  We focused initially on property acquisition and property management fields to establish and grow the business.

Our Mission


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We own rental properties and have improved many properties from "as is" to like-new conditions to provide the best experience for the quality of life of our tenants.

Property Management


Our Mission is Simple:
Provide exceptional service to our clients


Choosing the right contractor can be difficult.  Different contractors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, work ethic, and different pricing.  One thing for sure is that your project requires experience and expertise.  Ultimately, a successful project depends heavily on the contractor's effort.  If you honor us by permitting us to do your project, we guarantee that we will give you our best effort at a competitive price.

Why Use Us

Renovations and Renewals

Do you need a small home renovation or do you have handyman projects at your home or investment property, and is your time to do it yourself limited?  We offer a full range of services to revamp your property in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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